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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (1)

Kathy of Augusta, GA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: March 14, 2023

I bought a top loading Samsung washing machine (model WA50B5100AV) from Home Depot 4 months ago and have had nothing but problems. The first month, I received notification of a recall on the electronics that could cause a fire if not updated. I received the product to update without a problem and went through the process. The second month, I noticed a crack in the agitator. After a week, a repairman came without the correct part and said that he could not fix it due to physical damage was not covered under the warranty. I then spoke with Samsung and told them that I did not cause the damage but they would not cover it. After 4 months, no one has repaired this even though I have called them twice.

Month 3, the spinning cycle stopped. After an hour on the phone, we were able to reset the electronics and the spinning function resumed. 1 1/2 weeks later, the spinning cycle malfunctioned again. This time it was unable to be reset. The code on the machine 9C8 was flashing on the machine which I was told that the electronic board would have to be replaced. So here I am, 4 months out, with my new washing machine that doesn't work and a cracked agitator. No indication from customer service has been given as to when they will be able to fix it. I have requested a refund or total replacement.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (2)

Teri of Osseo, MN Verified Reviewer

Resolution response: March 12, 2023

Fixing all problems ourselves.

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Original review: March 11, 2023

We purchased a Samsung top load washer due to the available features. After 4 short years we noticed bubbles in the enamel around the top of lid closure and detergent dispenser, very soon after rust was dropping in every load of clothes. Occasionally we noticed a moldy smell, tried all the usual antidotes to curb the smells, finally took the washer completely apart for a cleaning and mold was everywhere! Samsung uses cheap pot metal for the bottom of the drum in which divots are created where water sits and mold grows. Contacted Samsung, our only option is to hire a technician to come replace any parts, all on our dime. Unacceptable in our opinion.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (3)

James of La Quinta, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: March 8, 2023

Lasted 14 months. Actually broke during warranty but waited to fix. Really bad product in all respects yet I like their phones and tablets. Sc code came on after just six months. I say buyer beware before buying washing machine from them.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (4)

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Bill of Bracey, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 3, 2023

We bought the highly recommended SmartCare VRT Plus clothes washer in 2018 and it’s been a problem ever since. It gets the “UC4” error code with almost EVERY wash! And, we’ve done all the Samsung recommendations to fix it, to no avail. We even dump extra water in the wash to stop the error code but that doesn’t work. It’s extremely annoying. We have to manipulate the settings to finish the loads

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (5)

karen of Ruther Glen, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 13, 2023

Warning... Samsung will NOT warranty their Stacked washer and dryer unit if it is stacked as per their advertisement. The customer is responsible to unstack the unit before they are able to work on the unit. They will not replace a lemon unit without first inspecting the unit, which they cannot do without having the unit unstacked. As a disabled person, it means I have NO warranty on my washer and dryer unit. The unit had broken balancing weights. Bad Springs. Bad Control Board. The door lock is jammed locked. Yet they will NOT provide warranty on the unit. DO NOT BUY samsung.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (6)

Pamela of Camarillo, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 11, 2023

I bought my Samsung Top load washer in 2019 Along with the matching gas dryer. It now can’t complete a wash cycle without getting unbalanced and the dryer won’t get things all the way dry. What a piece of crap. I wish I could go back to the eighties and buy a Maytag, best washer I Ever had.

(Video) Samsung Washing Machine Review: Is Samsung Washer a Good Choice for Your Home?

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (7)

Brian of Stockton, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 3, 2023

We unfortunately purchased a Samsung front loader washer from Lowe's late December 2021 and within the 1st month a noise coming from the drum at high speed. A tech came out under warranty and found a missing screw from a support strap, so much for quality control. Fast forward 1 year and a counterweight cracked loose from the plastic tub assembly and dented front of washer. The technician said that no parts from Samsung are even available for repair. Samsung is claiming that my warranty is out by 1 month even though there is record of past warranty issue. The machine is a lemon and their customer service ran me around for 3weeks before coming to a no compensation statement in regards to the machine. I know that the labor and parts to repair would out cost the price of the machine.

Samsung should have at least pro rated the machine and provided me with some compensation toward the cost of a new machine since clearly this one was built on a Monday. The model of the washer is wf45r6100ac, Buyer Beware. Samsung should leave the appliance business and maybe stick to cell phones maybe. Their customer care division are very phony and condescending in regards to your needs. Mr. Brian ** Stockton N.J.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (8)

Shelli of Spokane, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 1, 2023

We purchased this washer from Costco. It is the most expensive Samsung top loader they have. It is large capacity. Our clothes come out dirty with the stains still on them after washing. I've used every laundry products and brands (pods, liquid, dry), tried multiple stain removers, different temperatures, changed the sizes of the loads, used deep fill cycles to get more water, and had a repair guy out 3 times.

(Video) Top 5 Best Washer And Dryers You can Buy Right Now [2023]

Repair guy says there is nothing wrong with it other than it's a bad design. Tells me to buy a Speed Queen. Well after 3 years of dirty clothes, I guess I just have to buy something different. What is the point of large loads, if the machine can't even clean small ones? It also leaves my towels so wet that they won't dry. Takes hours to dry them. The clean cycle is also really long. Don't buy it! We had LG front loader before this and was happier with that. Had Whirlpool top loader that I sent back to Costco. Wish I had sent this back as well. Waste of money!!!!

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (9)

Patricia of Meridian, ID Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

I've owned my Samsung washer for 3 months. It started spontaneously cracking on the top. This should clearly fall under the warranty, however the customer service/support department deemed it "physical damage" and will not cover it. My new washer is literally crumbling on top and Samsung will not stand by their product.

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Samsung Washer Reviews (Updated May 2023) (10)

Joel of Washougal, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 16, 2023

Samsung uses an automated detergent and softener. It does not release enough to clean even lightly dirty clothes. Samsung requires less than 1/2 the tub full of clothes. Because the smaller load is required to work, you have to run 2 times to get the same number of clothes clean. Because the water level NEVER reaches half way, there is not enough water or detergent to truly get clothes clean. Only because less than half the washer volume can be use is Samsung able to get any kind of energy or environmental usage. Regardless of the fact you have to run 2 loads for the same number of clothes. Why offer a larger tub if you can't use it? Why such a tiny limit on detergent and softener and not allow the user to even use what the detergent manufacture says to use?

Also, with so many electronics and computer programming, you should at least let the user reduce the end of cycle song to only 5 seconds at most. This is annoying while the other complaints are a waste. DON'T BUY SAMSUNG WASHERS. Even though it has a large tub, you can't even use 1/2 of it. What a waste of money.

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